This page links to other my other articles and pamphlets on energy and environment policy published outside of this blog.

Title Publication Date Year
They think it’s all over, but it isn’t! E2B Pulse November 2013
In Parliament – fracking all over the UK The Environmentalist October 2013
The Hot Book  Labour DECC Team September 2013
Opinion – should nuclear have a place in green Government?  Total Politics  June 2013
Waste management infastructure- community buy-in Agenda NI February 2013
The Gutting of the Carbon Reduction Commitment The Environmentalist January 2013
The Case for Decapacity Payments (pdf) Policy Paper November 2012
Tax Foregone and ECO (pdf) Policy Paper October 2012
Speech on Reforming the Electricity Market House of Commons October 2012
The Power Book (pdf) Labour DECC Team October 2012
The Energy Bill has little to say about reducing demand Utility Week September 2012
The Blueing of the Greens The Environmentalist September 2012
Debate on Green Investment in the UK (video) Policy Exchange September 2012
Skills for Climate Change Speech House of Commons August 2012
New Nuclear: A Programme on it’s Knees? New Ground (SERA) August 2012
Lowering Demand The Environmentalist August 2012
The Energy Bill: The Sound of Falling Pillars New Ground (SERA) July 2012
Protecting our Environment- the Case for Regulation The Environmentalist July 2012
The Renewed Value of WEEE Materials Recycling World July 2012
Speech on the Green Economy House of Commons June 2012
Demanding a Demand-Side for Electricity Market Reform ENDS Report June 2012
“Another Fine Mess” The Environmentalist May 2012
£200 Billiion and Reality Utility Week March 2012
Don’t ROC the Boat Materials Recycling World March 2012
An Overview of the Future of Energy Markets (video) Smartest Energy March 2012
Green Deal- Stuck at the Starting Gate? Inside Housing February 2012
The Durban Climate Change Talks- just another ‘event? The Environmentalist January 2012
ECO Mortgages- Helping the Green Deal go Further Policy Paper January 2012

One thought on “Publications

  1. You seem to be a decent chap from what I have read on here. But are you prepared to help ordinary people in their quest for some answers?
    I have asked your Chair Tim Yeo MP and whilst not denying he gave no answers except to research.
    That I and others are doing.
    There are many ordinary people who are very concerned at what is happening and how it is affecting all life on this planet.
    We are documenting reports of mass events :- Bees, Birds, Fish, sea mammals, Trees, crops in the field all dying. We have crops under huge stress,
    We have rain water samples showing barium, strontium, zinc ,aluminium where free particles should not be found.
    This is from USA to UK to Europe to Australia and New Zealand. The same results from rain collected around the world.
    Are you willing to read some evidence and consider the meaning of what is happening?

    Thank you.

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