It’s the way you ask ’em

I had a wry smile at the recent EDF/Yougov poll on nuclear power and the Governments energy market reforms.  Here’s what the EDF press plug stated about one of the survey’s findings:

‘The survey also found more people support government proposals to reform the energy market than oppose them.Over a third of Britons (35%) backed the plans, with 18% against.’

…and here’s the question the figures arose from:

With current nuclear and coal power stations due to close between now and 2020, it has been estimated the UK’s energy sector needs around £200 billion of investment to bridge this gap. The Government’s energy reform plans will set a fixed price for electricity generated in an effort to encourage investment in low-carbon energy (nuclear, wind and solar) where the upfront costs are high. While household bills will rise, the Government says that the reforms will mean that prices will be more stable and lead to lower rises in the future.

To what extent do you support or oppose these measures?

I’m astonished  that 18% held out after that loosening up. In fact, I’d have probably joined the happy 35% myself if I’d been read that out first. It’s just that reality isn’t like that unfortunately, but then hey, it’s only a poll.

And, by the way, the poll recorded 15% of respondents worrying about ‘the unstable price of wind fuel’ and another 10% fretting that the ‘supply of wind fuel is not secure’.  Work to do on the answers, clearly, and maybe on the questions.


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