To consult or not to consult, that is not the question?

Justine Greening gives Hugh Irranca-Davies the cold shoulder

Whilst I was looking through PQs about the ‘levy control framework’ (see previous post) I came upon this rather extraordinary (and some might say, snooty) response from Treasury to a Question on consultation about the framework also from Huw Irranca Davies (here).

‘HM Treasury ministers are responsible for decisions on tax rates and the level of spending. The government do not routinely consult on these matters’, Justine Greening, the Treasury minister grandly pronounces in response.

But just a minute, what is this document I have here in my hand? ‘Carbon floor Price consultation: the government response’. And …yes, the logo in the top left corner of the front page is HM Treasury! Some mistake, surely? Well probably no, because on close examination the ‘response’ does not address any of scenarios for a carbon floor price set out in the original consultation document (also badged from Treasury) last November, and instead comes up with an entirely new set of figures apparently made up on the spot.  So perhaps it doesn’t really count as a consultation, and the veracity of Justine Greenings magnificent ‘go away’ answer remains intact.

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