Exclusive: that Green Deal for new build explained

On the subject of the Green Deal, I posted just recently on DCLG’s plans to extend Green Deal to new build – apparently as a device to offload the costs of reaching energy efficiency targets away from builders and onto the shoulders of those who purchase the new homes, via the good offices of companies such as B and Q. I must admit this concept wore a heavy scratch groove in my head – how exactly, would ‘Green Deal’ principles apply to new build? Would the builder just ‘get someone in’ to install the additional energy efficiency measures, and then drop the bill onto the not-necessarily – delighted new home owner who would have no say in what was done or who did it, but would still be stumping up bill payments for years afterwards?

I know, I thought, I’ll find out the answer to this from the Government, and I put in a Parliamentary Question asking exactly that. (here).

See if you can guess the answer.  Is it

a) The department set out a detailed plan describing how the Green                                 Deal would work on new build?

b) The Department didn’t set out a plan but referred to detailed                                         discussions and positions they would be considering

c) The department said ‘dunno mate, ask someone else’?

Well here’s the relevant bit of the actual answer:

‘The government has invited the house building industry to consider the key principles that could inform the design of  such a scheme if it were to be developed and looks forward to receiving the industry’s views in due course.’

So it’s a (c) then. Maybe the ‘house building industry’, some of which, after all lobbied DCLG to have the 2016 zero carbon building commitments watered down have the answer, then: and no doubt we will hear it  ‘in due course’, naturally. No hurry.


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